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Our team at Colorado Rugged Racks in Cedaredge, Colorado aims to provide UTV racks of the highest quality for our customers. Our company is focused on discovering, developing, and delivering innovative solutions to unleash your UTV’s full potential. With passion for hunting, fishing, wildfire outfitting, bomb squad and outdoor activities, we provide quality products to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your outdoor recreational adventure.

US-Patented Products

We have a US patent on our products (US D643,233 S; Date of patent is August 16, 2011). Our steadfast team has made customized UTV racks for the Miami Bomb Squad’s robots. The racks were designed to safely secure the robots while they are presented to schools. The Miami Bomb Squad wanted the kids to be able to see the robots and not to touch them, so we created it with expanded metal around the rack.

UTV in a forest road with a rack filled with coolers

We know how important it is to protect your gear and have it ready to go when a wildfire hits So, we offer customized wildfire certified racks that will help store and secure your equipment. They are made with heavy-duty materials to support your gear and your crew

Large Capacity

Our UTV racks can hold a lot of equipment and tools you need for traveling. The racks we offer can also help agents who patrol our borders. All of the border patrol’s gear can be carried by our racks no matter what kind of terrain they encounter. With our stokes basket, the beach patrol can also bring their gear and be most efficient at their jobs.

All Types of UTV

No matter what type of UTV vehicle you have, we will create a rack for you. Our team will consult you with the specifications you want, and we’ll do our best to manufacture a rack that would suit your needs and preferences. With us, you can be sure that you have access to the best accessories available to customize your off-road utility vehicle.

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For more information about our company and products, contact one of our representatives today. We are looking forward to helping you get the UTV rack you need!